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Thread: Looking for Captain Brittle's quarters

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    Thumbs up Looking for Captain Brittle's quarters

    Great site I just happened to stumble onto. Thanks to Moderator Kevin for getting me registered.

    We're going to be somewhere around the North Rim of the Grand Canyon later this summer and were looking for the location of the movie set where "She Wore aYellow Ribbon" was filmed. Any help in locating this place would be appreciated. Will be reading a lot on this site to catch up.

    I saw my first John Wayne movie when I was just a little fellow, but I never forgot it. "Red River" it was. Next I saw "Hondo" and by then I was addicted. Lots of difference between the Duke and Roy Rogers.

    We lived about 35 miles from the nearest town in West Texas so opportunities were limited back then. Cost .09 cents to get in. You can figure the math. Yep, I'm carrying a lot of lustrum around...

    Great site. I'll be back often.

    Pecos Bill

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    Re: Looking for Captain Brittle's quarters

    Hi Pecos Bill

    WELCOME to The Original JWMB.
    Please take a look around,
    we're a friendly bunch of folks,
    and there is a wealth of information to see,
    regarding the great man.

    Here is a link to our dedicated thread

    Duke's Movie Locations- Monument Valley

    Where She Wore A Yellow Ribbon was filmed.

    I'll look into our other threads posted by our member Chillbill,
    and see if I can link you to the photo of the cabin etc
    which was located at Gouldings Trading Post.

    Click on one of Bill's links


    Here is one of Bills posts on this

    Quote Originally Posted by William T Brooks View Post

    The best that I can remember after over 55 years is that both films were done around The Left Mitten Butte and to the West is a large sand and salt flat just North of Gouldings Lodge and Trading Post. I fly right over it when I land at Gouldings Air Strip. ;)

    In the Horse Soldier Charge in Fort Apache and the Paymasters Stagecoach chase at the first of Yellow Ribbon with Ben Johnson, I think what you are talking about in the background is North and East of Gouldings Trading Post and are called "Big Chief Mesa," "Sentinel Mesa" and "Pyramid Rock." They are much larger than they look in the films.

    Just South and East is where Duke is with the Supply Wagons in Fort Apache and watching the Charge and you can clearly see the Left Mitten Butte in the Background.

    In this type of film where you have a chase scene like in these two Films you must have a smooth road for the Camera Truck and the wind must be just right so you do not see the dust from the Camera Truck. In those days the roads were still dirt. :(


    You may find this link useful:-

    Link to Duke's Movies and Co-Stars
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    Best Wishes
    Totnes- the Tombstone of England

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    Re: Looking for Captain Brittle's quarters

    Pecos Bill,

    WELCOME to the Original John Wayne Message Board! A friendlier, more knowledgeable bunch you are not likely to find anywhere, and we are glad to have you join us!

    Keith has certainly directed you in the right direction, when he pointed you in ChiliBill's direction. Bill, when he was in his teens, worked as an extra in several Westerns filmed in the Southwest, including She Wore A Yellow Ribbon. I feel confident you will get as good an answer to your question as can be had.

    Again - welcome! And we look forward to seeing you around often!

    Chester and the Mrs.

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    Re: Looking for Captain Brittle's quarters

    Welcome to the forum, Pecos Bill. You stumbled into a mighty fine bunch of John Wayne fans here. I hope to see you jump right in and have some fun. Glad to have you aboard.

    "I couldn't go to sleep at night if the director didn't call 'cut'. "

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    Re: Looking for Captain Brittle's quarters

    Hi Pecos Bill - welcome to our friendly site. Sit down and jaw awhile.
    Cheers - Jay

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